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Collateral Grade is a hybrid collateral risk analysis that includes a hands-on review of the subject property characteristics, market analysis, use of automated valuation tools, and analysis of comparable properties.  Reports reviewed for analysis can include appraisals, BPOs, AVMs, and previous review products.  All relevant outcomes are correlated to produce an overall risk grade score and ultimately a collateral grade from A to F.  There are over 100 risk factors considered in Collateral Grade that are rules based and provides the client with a clear understanding of their risk.


Performed with higher standards by quality appraisers.

Can be utilized for the following financial business uses

bullet Origination - Point of Sale
bullet Portfolio Evaluation
bullet Secondary Marketing
bullet Default Management
bullet Appraiser Screening


bullet Streamlines clients underwriting process
bullet Significantly reduces costs
bullet Weekly, monthly and annual reporting is included
bullet Minimizes risk exposure and identifies current underlying risk
bullet More reliable than a traditional desk review


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